Access to GFM and data within the system is inherited from your access to the General Ledger within the Penn Data Warehouse. Simply log in with your Pennkey to begin managing your budgets. 

If you are unable to access GFM or if you do not see every org that you expect, confirm your appropriate level of access with your supervisor and the security administrator for your department. 

To gain access, submit the General Ledger Data Warehouse eForm available here: eForms (Expand "Data Warehouse" and find the form called "General Ledger") and request access to the specific orgs that you oversee. Once approved, it may take several days for your new permissions within the Data Warehouse to appear within GFM.

If you are requesting access to the General Ledger for the first time, you should complete the courses named below through KnowledgeLink:

  • Business at Penn Curriculum (courses UP.87022.ITEM.ABC011 and UP.87022.ITEM.ABC012)
  • Using the Chart of Accounts within Responsibility Center Management (RCM) (course UP.87022.ITEM.ABC13)

More information on these courses is available through the Financial Training Department.

If you need additional support you may submit a ticket through Research Support by clicking the Login button above.